“I first approached Phil to help me with consolidating my debt, and coming up with a plan to reducing and removing this debt. I felt my finances were getting out of control, and I was constantly facing the monthly credit card, and other bills with horror – seemingly getting no-where and not able to save.

Once Phil helped me to consolidate this and come up with a payment plan, we started talking about the future, and how he could help me not only fix my debt, but start developing a plan to be financially secure in my retirement, including insurance, tax, superannuation, and even working on an investment portfolio. I am now confidently executing against a plan… A plan that not only makes me financially secure now, but that I know has my future interests in hand too.”

james-sJamie Simmonite, QLD

“We can’t thank Phil and Donna at FinFit Wealth Solutions enough for putting us on the right path to becoming financially fit. By looking at a range of options available to us including re-financing our debts and mortgage, we are now able to expand our property portfolio as well as invest our super into growth options. We also have the confidence and assurance that we can continue on this path even if sickness or injury prohibits us to continue working for a period of time as we now have the correct insurance cover in place.

We are well on the way to ensuring we are not reliant on our super for retirement and will have the choice to retire when we decide to, not when our super preservation age determines when we can.Their knowledge and know-how has enabled us to ensure we can maintain our way of life but also ensuring financial fitness.”

mel-and-nathanNathan & Mel Kilborn, QLD

“It is with a huge sense of gratitude that I write this reference for Phil and Donna of FinFit Wealth Solutions.

For as long as I can remember I have pretty much lived my life from pay to pay, week to week with zero savings. I was also what I considered pretty financially illiterate. The concept of saving to buy things and budgeting/scrutinizing my every dollar spent was something I didn’t like to think about. Some weeks after paying all my bills which included over $1300 per month in loan repayments, I’d have $20 a week left.

At one point I thought about joining a program like My Budget but the idea of handing over full control of my money didn’t sit well with me. After turning 30 last year I told myself I needed to become smarter with my money, more financially savvy and focus on paying down the $30k in debt I had accumulated over a period of 5yrs or more.

I’d previously met Phil and Donna through some mutual friends but didn’t know a lot about them. It was these same friends who encouraged me to speak with Phil and Donna like they had about their financial situation and seek some advice. It was time to take the plunge so I arranged a meeting with them.

The days leading up to the appointment were somewhat nerve racking, having to speak about my situation, discuss my debt and really look at where my money was being spent slightly scared me. To my delight our first meeting was phenomenal, Donna’s upbeat & bright personality was a warm welcome and together she and Phil made me feel so at ease which made me more comfortable to talk openly.

After I’d explained my situation, analysed my spending habits and worked out my financial strengths and weaknesses, some recommendations were made. These included – making smarter investment choices with my superannuation, restructuring my insurances to provide greater protection to my income and future and apply for a debt consolidation loan to reduce the interest payable on my overall debt. These are all things I had thought about but lacked the knowledge and understanding to put them into practice before meeting with Phil and Donna.

As it turned out Donna was able to assist me with the debt consolidation with an application to ANZ. As Phil and Donna had sat down with me and implemented a new budget and savings plan, ANZ were happy to oblige approving me for the loan and I am now saving over $700 per month in loan repayments which has allowed me to start saving for my first home and a few other things.

I can honestly say since meeting with Phil and Donna, I now feel I have a much better understanding of how to manage my financial affairs. I can see my debt is being paid down whilst I am saving at the same time. I feel a huge weight off my shoulders now I have a clear financial plan and savings goal. The feeling of having money in the bank saved is amazing. I look forward to working with Phil and Donna for years to come as they assist me with the purchase my first property and several more along with other smart financial investments to improve my future.

Anyone who can relate with how my life used to be, I encourage you to speak with Phil and Donna as well and see how they might be able to help you become financially fit.”

Aaron-EmeryAaron Emery, QLD