What do I get for my FREE Consultation with Fin Fit wealth advisers?

It costs nothing to make contact with us and your first hour-long consultation is FREE. During your first meeting we will gather information, identify risks and opportunities for your wealth building, and discuss how we can help, and on what terms.

How much are your fees if we go ahead with advice?

The fee for advice depends on the complexity of your needs, and varies from client to client. We always quote upfront in a transparent fashion, and clearly show the value you will receive from our advice.

What kind of people do Fin Fit help?

We have a family focus, and specialise in working with ‘wealth accumulators’. These are typically people or couples aged 25-45 who want to grow their wealth and who have made a decision to actively work with a ‘financial coach’ to make this happen.

We also do a lot of work in retirement planning with older clients who are approaching retirement, or have already stopped working.

Can you provide financial advice to people outside of Brisbane and interstate?

Yes. Aside from our financial planning office in Brisbane, we also have a physical presence in Sydney. And these days through Skype and online technology we can often provide financial advice and wealth building strategies to people regardless of where they are located.