Phil Sgangarella cfp-logo

Managing Director/Senior Financial Adviser

Although Phil is now one of the leading financial advisers in the industry, he actually started his working life as an IT professional in 1990. Although he excelled in that industry for 14 years, his heart was more interested in helping people improve their lives. He knew he needed a career change; something where he could make a real difference. And since financial planning has always been something he enjoyed doing for himself, his future direction soon became crystal clear…

In 2004, Phil became a Financial Adviser and received a diploma in Financial Planning through Tribeca in 2005. In the same year, he received an advance diploma in Financial Planning. He became a Certified Financial Planner in 2008. He worked for a mid-sized Financial Services firm for almost 10 years and decided to leave and go into business with his lovely wife, Donna. Phil has helped clients succeed by listening to their concerns and coaching them to become better money managers and wealth accumulators.

Most of Phil’s clients come to him wanting more structure, discipline, and direction with regard to their financial situation. All of them now have these, as well as understanding of the path they are on.Seeing clients succeed is Phil’s greatest reward in this industry. He’s also a big believer sharing knowledge to help change people’s lives, and really enjoys turning his clients’ dreams into reality – one financial plan at a time.

Practice what you preach—if I haven’t done it myself, then how can I ask my client to do it? – Phil

Phil Sgangarella

Donna Sgangarella

Managing Director

Donna has over 20 years’ experience in the Financial Services Industry. She spent the first 14 years working in various roles at Westpac. She started as a Westpac Financial Planner and was promoted to various roles due to her skills, expertise, and experience. These roles included working as a Practice Manager in NSW and QLD, then working as a Key Account Manager in BT Wrap.

Donna then decided to enhance her skills in funds management. She worked for Antares Equities as a Business Development Manager and was promoted to State Manager and later Head of Retail Sales in Australia.

She has a strong passion for financial planning and working with people to help achieve their goals. She understands the issues clients are facing in achieving their goals and work very closely with them to help them pursue their dreams.

Donna and Phil have a strong understanding of the financial services industry. Donna is very excited to be in business with her successful husband so that together, they can help every day Australians achieve enjoy success.

To best realise this ambition, they’ve applied for their own Australian Financial Services License (AFSL) to become one of only 20 per cent of financial planners not be aligned with a bank or large financial services group. In this way, they can be truly non-partisan and provide clients a variety of product appropriate for their actual needs, not just recommend bank-owned products like many other financial advisers.

My goal is to increase the financial literacy of every day Australians.
I want to work with individuals and families to understand their current situation, short term, medium term and long term goals and ensure they achieve them. – Donna