It’s no secret that Aussies love property. And for many Australians – and indeed for most of our financial advisory clients – property ownership is a major component of ‘financial fitness’.

We understand that while most people want to reach maximum investment potential with lowest risk possible, in real life the two objectives are usually mutually exclusive. We can help you determine what your main property objective is:

  • yield / rental return; OR
  • capital growth; OR
  • tax effectiveness

Only when you know why you are buying property should you then begin your search. We can assess if you can afford to buy an investment property and how much it will cost you to manage and run it, and we can also refer you to one of our panel investment specialists to find the right property for you.

With Fin Fit Wealth Solutions, you will be armed with confidence when you choose to invest in property. Here’s how we help:

  • Determine how much you can borrow–Fin Fit Wealth Solutions can help you get pre-approval to find out how much you can actually afford. This is extremely helpful to save yourself from frustration when you go house hunting. What’s more terrible than finding your dream house and finding out later that you can’t afford it?

  • Getting the right loan for you–With many lenders out there offering different mortgage products, it is important that you get professional advice to compare and assess the advantages and disadvantages of each loan. A home loan with low interest doesn’t mean it is always better. Fin Fit Wealth Solutions can help you find the loan that will most benefit you in the long run.
  • Getting the right investment for you–Having the money to invest in a property doesn’t mean you have to rush in to buy a property now. Studying the location and future profitability of the area is a must for anyone who is investing in a property.
  • Prepare for unforeseen costs – Unexpected things can happen in one’s life anytime. The same can happen when you are already managing an investment property. Having a financial buffer always comes handy when some unforeseen costs come up.