Why Choose Us

We know what it feels like to have a big financial dreams.

But big ideas and visions for your future are meaningless unless you have a plan to make them a reality. The team at Fin Fit Wealth Solutions are the qualified financial advisers you need to make it happen.

Through years of experience, we have become expert at what we do and have helped many people achieve their goals. If you think building wealth requires large amounts of capital and involves lots of risk, you are wrong.

And if you think “luck” has the biggest role to play in financial freedom, think again. Our team will study your present financial status to create a tailored financial plan made just for you. We promise that we will work hand-in-hand to become the trusted adviser you need, to get the results you want.

Achieve Financial Freedom with Expert Financial Services

Finfit.com.au is your one-stop destinations for the widest range of professional Brisbane financial services. Our experts who constantly observe the financial industry helps our clients in financial planning, investment planning, insurance planning, post-retirement planning and personal budgeting to gain financial stability.

Privately owned

Fin Fit Wealth Solutions is a privately-owned business. We are not part of the 80 per cent majority of financial planners who are owned by a big bank. This assures you that we are able to handle your concerns and attend to your needs on a more personal level. We make sure that we build lasting relationships with our clients by providing financial solutions that fit with each individual’s goals and circumstances.


At Fin Fit Wealth Solutions, we answer only to our clients – not to the directive of some ‘big bank’manager trying to squeeze more profit from their customers. We listen to your concerns, we ask questions, we analyse your situation, and we evaluate so that we can give sound advice for all your financial decisions. We make sure that we understand – and we are fully aware of – your financial goals, so we can help you get there.

One stop wealth shop

Fin Fit Wealth Solutions is a one-stop wealth shop for all your financial planning needs. Whether it is for building investment portfolio, protecting your income, or saving for your retirement, we promise to take care of your over-all financial fitness by focusing on even the smallest detail of your financial plan.

Customised strategies to suit your individual needs

In financial planning, there’s no such thing as “one strategy fits all” kind of plan. Each client is unique. At Fin Fit Wealth Solutions, we guarantee you that each financial advice that we give is customised to fit your personal needs and objectives. After studying your current financial status and your financial goals, we will create a financial plan exclusively tailored just for you.