Self-managed super funds (or SMSFs) are a great way of saving for retirement. Unlike other types of superannuation funds, SMSF is managed by its members who are also the trustees most of the time. The members of an SMSF manage their funds for their own benefit and they also take responsibility for complying with tax laws.

Some of the benefits you can enjoy through an SMSF include greater flexibility and more direct control of your investments. SMSF’s also usually enjoy lower fees and better performance than retail and industry funds. SMSF members can choose where they want to invest their retirement savings. They can choose bonds, shares, property, or exchange traded funds (ETFs) among others. With greater flexibility, members can actively manage their portfolios and adjust them as the markets change.

With SMSF, you can also pool your resources with your family members to provide access to more efficient and cost effective investment strategies. You can combine your assets with up to four SMSF members, who are usually family members.

Another great benefit of SMSF is that it allows estate planning options where you can transfer your wealth to the next generation with minimum tax liability and maximum asset protection.

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